tabla stands?

topic posted Mon, October 3, 2005 - 1:43 AM by  Khenu
are any of you using stands for playing your tabla standing up? i'm looking for something so i can play standing up and tweak various foot-pedals as i play...


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    Mon, January 16, 2006 - 10:14 PM
    I cannot recommend anything that would work if you were standing. However, snare drum stands work fine if your sitting on a stool (where you could still control your foot pedals). Yahmaha stands work well cause the basket folds to an adequate size to hold the tabla and bayan. Karsh Kale first turned me onto this idea. They work well for me.
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      Fri, February 22, 2008 - 9:04 AM
      I have used the yamaha snare stands as well and they really work well.

      The only issue I have run into with those is, the top heavy movement, so I either put my feet on the bases or tape down the legs to add stability..
      of course, I am using light weight, single braced stands and double braced, heavier stands would probably work better...although more to weight to
      lug around and more money...

      As far as standing, using a small rack, gibralter or Dw, and clamping the tops to the snare stands into the rack, you can stand...I have used this as well and
      it works the best, although you have to have the rack with it...might be more unless you are already using a rack in your perc set up.


      How are you running your tablas through the pedals etc?? just curious what your set up is like. have you internally miced the tablas?
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    Tue, December 26, 2006 - 5:58 PM
    Easy... a table.


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      Wed, December 27, 2006 - 5:32 AM
      I wanted to play tabla, sitting down at my drumset, so I got a local guy to weld me a custom
      table that allowed me to put my legs around it to simulate tradtional sitting styles.

      It's at a perfect height for me to just swivvle to the left to switch off between playing trapset and tablas in a
      larger ensemble.

      I've had lots of custom stands built for me by students and local metal crasftsmen. I've found that most people with the capability
      of doing it (who are not professionals) find it pretty easy to make most stands or tables.

      I've had tabla tables, snare drum holders that allow me to play a snare drum with a foot pedal, and various
      sized dumbec stands so I can play the 'dum' sounds of the dumbecs as ersatz bass lines when I'm playing Belly Dancing
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        Thu, January 4, 2007 - 5:20 PM
        I have a question for you trap set players, everytime I've ever heard a trap player touch a set of tablas it was to bang on them in a bongo-like fasion. I'm fairly positive Sameer is a dedicated student of classical style, are there any others?
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          Thu, January 4, 2007 - 6:18 PM
          I'm NOT an accomplished tabla player, but I've performed with a lot of reputable Indian
          musicians (Debhashish Battycharya, Deepak Ram and a tiny bit with Ashwin Batish)
          enough to have picked up on a lot of classical technique.
          I didn't, by the way, play tabla with those artists, I took a more global fusion approach with
          African, Caribbean, Celtic, South Indian, Middleastern, Balkan and Indonesian techniques
          and instruments.

          I did go out and get a really good book on the subject though and watched a lot of tabla players from afar.

          I just love the myriad sounds that can be made with these elegant instruments so I wanted at least enough
          technique to play on a pop song. I actually was forced to a Duran Duran concert by a dear friend who was a fanatic
          fan (I'm not!) and there drummer played extremely well amplified tabla on one song.

          I can just hear people cringing in this tribe, lol, but it was really beautiful and effective and though he played simply
          it was really appropriate AND he used classical technique. That inspired me to at least get an inexpensive set
          and give it a try.

          All kudos, however, to the people who dedicate the lifetime that it can take to master this amazing instrument, however
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            Thu, January 4, 2007 - 6:20 PM
            ps most tabla musicians won't take this approach
            but rhythms like Mozambique from Cuba or Nawari from the Gypsies in
            Egypt sound fantastic as groove oriented tabla rhythms.

            It's really cool, too, to play samba on the Bayan and improvise like a
            batucada on the Tabla.

            Let's face it, damn near every rhythm sounds incredible on this, the most expressive of hand drums.
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              Thu, January 4, 2007 - 6:56 PM
              No cringes required. I agree wholeheartedly, sound is beautiful, rhythms of any and all kinds can be deeply engrossing, moving, etc. . .
              I was just curious. Thanks for being honest, Rick. We all have much to learn from eachother.
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                Tue, January 9, 2007 - 3:55 PM
                thanks, Mateo, that's generous of you.

                A lot of neophytes can gum the works up occasionally.

                I think if I hear another tabla sample in a trip hop tune that I'm gonna

                oh, and I forgot to mention, I actually am a pretty devoted student of the Kanjira and there is a lot of cross over hand technique
                between it and the tabla (though , of course, they are different too).
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    Tue, February 13, 2007 - 8:20 AM
    I've used a Gibraltar stand with 2 snare baskets, you can do it standing up, but seated it is easier to do bol-s like dhire dhire because you have more support.

    btw: what's up khenu?
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    Mon, February 23, 2009 - 12:41 AM
    Im 5 years late but here is what i have done, which my teacher back in NZ showed me.
    Grab an adjustable Keyboard stand.
    MDF board say 1.2m x 600mm ( you'll fine tune this once you know the height your setting the stand at.)
    Some carpet to cover the MDF.

    Chuck a broom stick on the keyboard stand and adjust it so it is relatively level with the base of your pelvis.
    Now you need to make your own judgement here about where and how the board will sit. Within the feet or on the feet. ether choice will add or minus an inch due to board thickness.
    I had mine within the stand with the 2 rubber feet either side so it sat snug.
    Just cut the board to the width and length of this space and then staple or tack the carpet on. I used carpet because when i practice i am sitting on carpet, plus it aids in reducing feedback, minimally.

    Its portable and light, and you can really nail the bayan

    for sit down gigs i have used 2 beer crates and a random plank of wood, i set it up with a right angle edge for comfort and access, not ideal , but essential for the kind of gigs i was doing

    Check tom rodwell on you tube, i think there is a clear shot in the london gigs

    Ive seen asian dub foundation us a sound gear crate upright .
    And the gibraltar rack with custom brakets made like the the ring cushons.

    Hope this is of use to someone.

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